Even a medium-sized fire in a commercial building can poke large holes in a company's security. Flames can eat away at the roof structure, the walls, the windows and the doors, leaving the property vulnerable to bad weather, vandals and wild animals. Even before a fire cleanup is underway, it is important to fully secure the building. Tarp services place a waterproof barrier over the property, preventing additional harm from heavy rains and winds. Depending upon the fire damage, a thorough board-up may be needed as well. This will add strength to the remains of the building and keep out those who are not allowed to enter the interior.

Mitigating the Damage From the Fire Department

When fighting a fire in California the fire department often finds it necessary to spray water and repellent foam throughout the building. It may also break windows and cut holes in the roof to slow the growth of the fire and clear off heavy smoke. Part of the job of a fire remediation company is to repair this damage, as well as the damage from fire and smoke. The fire cleanup includes the following steps:

Inspection and assessment of damage
Board-up and tarp services if needed
Water removal and drying as needed
Smoke and soot removal
Cleaning and repair

A complete restoration might also include a roof repair. A fast process allows a company to get back in business as soon as possible.

Removing the Odors From a Fire

The ultimate goal of a fire cleanup is to return the building to good condition again, "Like it Never Even happened." This includes removing the odors of smoke and soot. Equipment such as air scrubbers and fogging devices take away the smell, while powerful and safe cleaning agents clean and sanitize surfaces. The final step in the restoration process is repairing items such as drywall or painting damaged areas.